Logging-in scheme of kissj system

How does it work, actually?

Logging into the kissj registration system is done via one's email address, without any password.

For the first access into the system, you submit your email address. Subsequently you receive an email with a button and a link to sign in. When following the links you will immediately be able to fill in the registration form.

You stay logged in until you manually log out.

After logging out, nobody can access your data, not even from the same device.

For logging back in and accessing your data, you have to submit your email address at the log-in page again. Your will receive another button/link into your email account to follow, just like when signing in for the first time.

Expiration of access button/link

The received button/link is valid only for 15 minutes. Later on you would have to submit your email address again to get a new logging-in button/link. This is a protection against anyone, who could somehow get access to your old emails - so that the data you submitted into the registration system are not accessible via an old link.

The button/link is valid for one use only. Therefore if you log in and out in a short period of time, you cannot access the registration account with the same link again and have to get a new one.

All these security elements have one main goal - to keep your data as secure as possible, just like the banks and other big portals attempt to do it.


Should there be any issue with logging in or with any other part of the system, write an email to the particular event organizers, they will surely try to help you at their best.

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